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Thanks for taking interest in 420 House. Our mission is to defy the odds and the unfairness of society and make weed, cannabis and its by products affordable and available for all. Irrespective of the health benefits of Marijuana, it is very sad that some governments and other selfish individuals have made the availability of weed and by products very difficult to be afforded by the majority while they them selves have it to the fullest.

We seek to make cannabis available for all. With ever increasing sales we seek to remove from the playing field these syndicates who are making the products very expensive and at times adultrating or even selling outright fake products. We welcome you to visit our store and place your order today. Same day delivery available for some buyers in Europe and America.


The privacy of our clients is very important for us. We go great length to make sure that the information of our clients remains strictly confidential. Under no circumstances do we ever give the information of our clients and partners to any third party. It has never happened and will never happen.

For people living in certain states or countries where it is illegal to consume marijuana or related products, you have no reason to worry. Contact us today and we will handle the rest for you. We do everything needed and all you have to do is enjoy the products you buy.

We have a very secure delivery system which we will discuss with clients as they place their order. The delivery system used is used on a case by care basis. If you have any questions regarding the delivery method of your shipment, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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